Martin Michlmayr
Martin Michlmayr

I'm a member of Debian and serve on the boards of Software Freedom Conservancy and Software in the Public Interest.

Subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog. is an office suite offering various integrated applications, such as a word processor and a spreadsheet. Originally developed by StarDivision, StarOffice was acquired by Sun who released it as free software as in July 2000. While Sun still maintains fairly tight control over the development of, many other vendors, in particular Novell, are important contributors to the project. The project had a fairly long release cycle of about 18 months to accommodate StarOffice, the commercial product from Sun. There were many delays, making it hard for vendors to decide which version to include. moved to a three month release cycle after their long-delayed 2.0 release, published 26 months after 1.1. The new release cycle is viewed as a positive development by contributors who get their features and fixes out to users faster. Nevertheless, at the end of 2006 a discussion took place in which a six month interval was suggested. Apparently users didn't want new features every three months and the short interval between releases put a lot of pressure on the QA team.

Version Date Months
1.0 2002-05-01
1.1 2003-09-02 16
2.0 2005-10-20 26
2.0.1 2005-12-21 2
2.0.2 2006-03-08 3
2.0.3 2006-06-29 4
2.0.4 2006-10-13 3
2.1.0 2006-12-12 2

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