Martin Michlmayr
Martin Michlmayr

I'm a member of Debian and serve on the boards of Software Freedom Conservancy and Software in the Public Interest.

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Plone is a content management system that is built on the powerful Zope application server. The project experienced many delays with its 2.1 release. This made it difficult for Plone consultants to choose whether to use the old release or wait for the new one, and users faced many upgrade issues when 2.1 was finally released and had many changes. Partly to address these problems and partly in order to sync their releases with Zope, they decided in 2005 to move to a six month time based release cycle.

Version Date Months
1.0 2003-02-06
2.0 2004-03-23 13
2.1 2005-09-06 17
2.5 2006-06-16 9

Past problems


Outstanding problems

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