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Martin Michlmayr

I'm a member of Debian and serve on the boards of Software Freedom Conservancy and Software in the Public Interest.

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Linux kernel

The Linux kernel project has seen major changes to its development and release strategy in the last few years, in particular since the first stable release of the 2.6 series in December 2003. This series was opened almost three years after the 2.4 series in January 2001, which many felt was too long. A problem that resulted from the long interval between major releases was that vendors had to back- and forward-port a lot of patches. Nowadays, major development happens on the 2.6 series and new releases are published every three to four months. This new development model has faced much controversy. While some people, in particular developers of the kernel, claim that the new model is working very well, some users are worried about the number of significant changes and lack of stability in the kernel. Andrew Morton, a lead developer, has expressed several times that he believes the kernel is getting buggier.

Version Date Months
1.0 1994-03-14
1.2 1995-03-07 12
2.0 1996-06-09 15
2.2 1999-01-25 31
2.4 2001-01-04 23
2.6 2003-12-17 35

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