Tips and tricks for Debian on the D-Link DNS-323

Conceptronic CH3SNAS from the front

Here are some tips and tricks about running Debian on the D-Link DNS-323 and Conceptronic CH3SNAS.

Controlling the fan

According to Anselmo Luginbuhl, you should be able to use the lm-sensors package to automatically control the fan:

"Execute pwmconfig, it will make some tests and generate the fancontrol config file. At the end of the procedure it will ask you to "Select fan output to configure, or other action:", just be sure to pass through choice "1" or it would not fill in the configuration file, save the configuration and start the daemon /etc/init.d/fancontrol.

Probably the only thing that needs some attention to get an optimal result is to choose the right parameters for max and min temperature at which the fan should start or stop to minimize the °C and the noise."