Debian on Kurobox Pro

Kurobox Pro from the front

Per Andersson ported the Debian installer to the Buffalo Kurobox Pro as part of a Google Summer of Code project in 2008. The following pages describe the installation and operation of Debian on the Kurobox Pro.


External Resources


If you have problems with Debian on the Kurobox Pro and cannot solve them with Google, there are the following resources you can consult:

  • The debian-arm list for questions specifically related to the ARM port of Debian or about running Debian on the Kurobox Pro.


A lot of people helped to make Debian on Kurobox Pro possible. Marvell has done a fabulous job integrating Orion support into the mainline kernel and donated a number of Kurobox Pro devices to Debian developers. Per Andersson has done the main work porting Debian to the Kurobox Pro as part of his Google Summer of Code project.