ledger2beancount 1.1 released

Stefano Zacchiroli and I have published version 1.1 of ledger2beancount, a ledger to beancount converter.

Incompatible changes: If you already use ledger2beancount, please note that the payee_match variable changed from a Yaml hash to a list (to make the order deterministic).

Version 1.1 includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements based on feedback from users.

Changes in version 1.1:

  • Happy International Workers' Day release!
  • Handle block comments without indentation correctly
  • Preserve comments for postings with lots
  • Use beancount's pushtag/poptag for ledger's apply tag
  • Handle tag directives with associated commands correctly
  • Allow option link_match to work with tag_as_metadata: true
  • Handle posting-level tags without indentation correctly with tag_as_metadata: false
  • Ensure payee_match is predictable
  • Preserve comments for postings with lots
  • Embed an optional beancount header to the converted file to specify beancount options
  • Convert ledger metadata keys to valid beancount metadata keys
  • Add conversion notes when accounts, commodities or metadata keys are automatically renamed by ledger2beancount
  • Add capability to ignore certain lines
  • Keep whitespace intact when renaming account names.
  • Improve documentation on assigning payees based on transactions
  • Add more test cases
  • Run the test suite only if something has changed

You can get ledger2beancount from GitHub.