FAQ about Debian on HP mv2120

HP mv2120 from the front

Is Debian on the HP mv2120 fully supported?

Debian includes support for the HP mv2120. However, some functionality from the original firmware may not be available. In particular, the hard drive speed will be lower with Debian. Please see the status page to see what is supported.

Please note that Debian 9 is the last release to support the HP mv2120.

Is Debian on the HP mv2120 suited for people new to Linux?

No, I would not recommend you install Debian on your HP mv2120 if you don't have any experience with Linux and Debian. Debian will not install a web interface through which you can control your HP mv2120, so I recommend you stay with the original firmware from HP.

Can I have both the HP firmware and Debian?

No, Debian will completely replace the HP firmware on disk. You have to choose between the HP firmware and the Debian installation described on my pages. However, it would be possible to make a small Debian system on your disk with the HP firmware by using debootstrap and chroot.

Will this installer work on the HP mv5020, mv5140 or mv5150?

Yes, all Media Vault generation 2 devices are supported. This includes the HP Media Vault mv2120 and the HP Media Vault Pro mv5000 and mv5100 series. These devices are the same and only differ in their disk configuration. The mv2120 (GX662AA) and mv5020 (GX666AA) have a single 500 GB drive, the mv5140 (GX667AA) has two 500 GB drives and the mv5150 (GX668AA) has a pair of 750 GB drives.

Will this installer work on the HP mv2010?

No, Media Vault generation 1 devices (mv2010, mv2020, and mv2040) are not supported. They are based on a MIPS compatible chip from Broadcom whereas the generation 2 devices are based on Marvell's Orion chip that is ARM compatible.

Will this installer work on the HP MediaSmart Server (EX470/EX475)?

No, the HP MediaSmart Server is based on a x86 chip and not supported by this installation routine (although Debian might work on the MediaSmart Server).

Is Debian on the HP mv2120 supported by HP?

No. Even though I currently work for HP, all of this work was done in my spare time. Debian on the HP mv2120 is not supported by HP in any way. I should also mention that my work at HP is not related to the mv2120 or other NAS devices at all.

Is there a recovery mode?

Yes, the HP mv2120 has a recovery mode through which it can request a boot image over the local network. You can serve a recovery image to your HP mv2120 via the network with a HP supplied tool on Windows or with uphpmvault on Debian and other systems. You can put your HP mv2120 into recovery mode by following these steps: hold the reset button down, then press the power button and keep both buttons pressed for about 5 seconds. Your HP mv2120 will now request a recovery image via your local network.

Is the serial header soldered onto the board already?

Yes, a serial header is on the main board. You only need to prepare a cable with a TTL level shifter for a serial console.

Will I need a serial console to use Debian?

No, the installation and operation of Debian on your HP doesn't require a serial console.