QNAP TS-219 and TS-219P image gallery

On the top is a QNAP TS-219, and below a QNAP TS-209. They look the same, but the TS-219 is much faster.
TS-219 at the top, older TS-209 at the bottom

The device on the left is a QNAP TS-219P and on the right is a TS-219.
TS-219P left, TS-219 right

The main board of the QNAP TS-219, featuring a Marvell Kirkwood chip.
The TS-219 main board from the top

You can see the serial connector on the upper left side.
The TS-219 main board from the bottom

Connecting a serial console...
The serial connector of the TS-219

The TS-219 main board in the case, without the SATA cage.
Open TS-219 with serial connector

Open TS-219 with serial connector

The SATA cage and fan.
Open TS-219 with disk cage

Let's put everything back together...
TS-219 with disk cage

TS-219 with disk cage from the top

The TS-219 with the serial console hanging out at the front.
TS-219 from the front with serial connector

The TS-219P from the front.
TS-219P from the front

Another picture of the TS-219P.
Open TS-219P

Open TS-219P showing the mainboard.
Open TS-219P showing the mainboard

The mainboard of the TS-219P.
TS-219P mainboard

All the components of the TS-219P.
TS-219P components