Status of Thecus N2100 support

Intel's IOP platform is no longer supported in Debian.
Thecus N2100

The table below shows how well different components of the Thecus N2100 are supported by Debian 7 (wheezy).

Note that this device is no longer supported by Debian 8 (jessie) or later releases.

Component Comment
Debian Debian installer works well.
CPU Supported in mainline and Debian kernel.
SATA Supported in the kernel by the sata_sil module. However, the hard drive speed is slow.
Ethernet Supported in the kernel by the r8169 module.
USB Supported in the kernel.
RTC Supported in the kernel by the rtc-rs5c372 module.
LEDs Supported in the kernel.
Fan Supported in in the kernel, but there is no automatic regulation of the fan based on the current temperature.
Beeper Supported in the kernel.