Martin Michlmayr
Martin Michlmayr

I'm a member of Debian and serve on the boards of Software Freedom Conservancy and Software in the Public Interest.

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The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a compiler suite which supports a number of programming languages, such as C and C++. It is a very important development tool and is the standard compiler among free software projects. GCC was quite stagnant in the middle of the 1990s until the EGCS project formed. EGCS took over development of the official GCC in October 1998 and instituted rigorous processes, such as high levels of peer review, and created a steering committee which has the power to appoint maintainers and make important decisions. In theory, the project follows a time based release with an interval of six months. In practice, the project has released only one new version every year in recent times.

Version Date Months
3.0 2001-06-18
3.1 2002-05-15 11
3.2 2002-08-14 3
3.3 2003-05-13 9
3.4.0 2004-04-18 11
4.0.0 2005-04-20 12
4.1.0 2006-02-28 10

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