Tips and tricks for Debian on QNAP TS-109

QNAP TS-109 from the front

Automatic power on

QNAP machines can turn on automatically when power is applied if the device was not powered down correctly. This is helpful when your power goes down. In order to enable this feature, run the following command:

sudo qcontrol --direct autopower on

qcontrol on fanless QNAP systems

On QNAP systems without fan (TS-109 and TS-109 II), fan errors will be reported by qcontrol because it tries to regulate the fan and fails.

To avoid these errors, edit the qcontrol config file /etc/qcontrol.conf and change:

has_fan = true


has_fan = false

Restart qcontrol:

sudo systemctl restart qcontrol.service qcontrold.service

Battery for clock

There's a CR-2032 battery hidden on the bottom of the main board (similar to the CMOS battery on most PCs). It's likely that the battery is dead after all these years and has to be replaced.