Specs of the QNAP TS-110 and TS-119

QNAP TS-110 from the front

This page lists the internals of the QNAP TS-110, TS-119, TS-119P+. There is another page which shows the status of support in Debian for these components.

Component Comment
CPU Marvell Kirkwood 88F6281 800 MHz (TS-110), 88F6281 1.2 GHz (TS-119) or 88F6282 1.6 GHz (TS-119P+)
RAM 256 MB (TS-110) or 512 MB (TS-119 and TS-119P+) DDR II
Flash ROM 16 MB STMicroelectronics 25P28V6P SPI
Internal hard drive 1x 3.5" SATA, integrated in SoC
External hard drive 1x eSATA
Ethernet 1x 10/100/1000 Mbit, integrated in SoC
USB 3x USB 2.0, GL850G and integrated in SoC
RTC Seiko Instruments S-35390A
Fan Yes (TS-110 and TS-119P+); No (TS-119)
Boot loader U-Boot