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Debian support for QNAP TS-119 and TS-219 Turbo NAS coming

TS-219 on top of TS-209 I received a sample of QNAP's new TS-219 Turbo NAS today. The TS-119 and TS-219 devices are an upgrade to QNAP's TS-109 and TS-209 devices and were announced earlier this month at CeBIT. The new TS-219 uses the same robust case as the TS-209 but offers much more performance:

The numbers I've seen about the Kirkwood CPU suggest that the TS-219 will indeed give a very significant performance boost. So far, the TS-219 looks very nice. My only complaint is that QNAP didn't export the second Ethernet port the Kirkwood chip offers, but I suspect this is because they wanted to stay as close to the original design of the TS-209 as possible.

In any case, the TS-219 is a nice machine and I look forward to porting Debian to it. As a first step, this means getting the mainline kernel to run on the device and adding a kernel for Kirkwood to the archive (the latter is needed for a number of other devices based on Kirkwood anyway). Hopefully, the remaining porting work and integration into the Debian installer should be fairly straightforward given that the TS-209 is already supported in Debian. I'm sure I'll find out as I dig into the details...

I'll give periodic updates of my progress. In the meantime, I've created an image gallery of the TS-219.

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