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Debian stable installer for SheevaPlug, QNAP TS-11x/TS-21x and OpenRD

We added support for Marvell's Kirkwood platform to the Debian installer a few months ago and a lot of people have installed Debian testing (squeeze) on devices such as the SheevaPlug and QNAP TS-11x/TS-21x. While this works great, some people would prefer to run Debian stable (lenny). Until recently, I thought we wouldn't be able to support lenny in the installer since the kernel in stable doesn't have support for Kirkwood. However, some work by Frans Pop showed me that it would be quite trivial to change the installer so it would install Debian stable plus the kernel from an alternative repository.

So from now on, it's possible to install Debian stable (lenny) on the SheevaPlug, QNAP TS-11x/TS-21x and OpenRD. This installation mechanism uses the squeeze installer to install Debian lenny (stable) plus the kernel from a repository I maintain. This repository usually contains the kernel from Debian testing (although I sometimes add the kernel from unstable if it has some important features).

Since some users might be wondering which version to install, here is an overview of the benefits and downsides of each version.

Debian lenny (stable): it is the current stable version of Debian (version 5.0).

Debian squeeze (testing): it is currently under development and will be the next stable version of Debian (version 6.0).

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