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Martin Michlmayr

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Power consumption of the SheevaPlug

Various people were wondering how much power the SheevaPlug consumes exactly. Laurent Guerby, who runs the GCC Compile Farm, posted some data today. According to his measurements with an Energy Monitor 3000, the SheevaPlug uses:

3.1Wjust on, Linux booted
4.3Wserial + Ethernet
5.4Wserial + Ethernet + 100% CPU
6.0Wserial + Ethernet + USB disk
7.0Wserial + Ethernet + USB disk + 100% CPU

However, these figures should be seen as preliminary and relatively high values since power management for Kirkwood has not been implemented in the kernel yet. In particular, the Kirkwood chip has SATA and PCI-E but they could be turned off since they're not used by the SheevaPlug. This is currently not done in the kernel, so you can expect some improvements in this area.

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