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Debian support for eSATA SheevaPlug available

The eSATA SheevaPlug is supported by the Debian installer and by Debian now. I've updated the install guide accordingly.

If you're already running Debian on your eSATA SheevaPlug but you installed as a regular SheevaPlug to USB or SD and you'd like to use the eSATA, then make sure you're the latest kernel from Debian squeeze:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Reboot and type this in u-boot:

setenv arcNumber 2678

Your machine will then be recognized as an eSATA SheevaPlug and eSATA will work.

Thanks to John Holland for working on SheevaPlug eSATA support.

Sun, 13 Jun 2010; 19:16 — debian/kirkwood/sheevaplugpermanent link